College Steevy Boulay

Can You imagine going to this College here? It looks amazing and to be honest I'd love sch...
 Block count: 12808
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Small Suburban House

Aaaah, isn't that lovely! A house with a gorgeous garden filled with the prettiest flowers...
 Block count: 1474
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Small Modern House 1

Some people just don't like overly big models but still want to remain stylish then here's...
 Block count: 2570
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Simple Survival Modern House

Nobody wants to die, neither do You I hope. But my suggestion to You is- survive in style!...
 Block count: 441
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Simple Survival House

Tiny? Yeees. Simple? Naah. That's a super cool build to minecraft when You're in a hurry t...
 Block count: 1122
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Gothic House 1

Ooh Gothic style building, we've been waiting for You for sooo long! If that's the style Y...
 Block count: 1020
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Suburban Quartz House 12

I love big windows and balconies and this house has them both. So I already like this quar...
 Block count: 1241
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Quartz Suburban House with Pool

To be honest, I haven't seen a suburban house with such a stylish design for ages. And I'm...
 Block count: 1985
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Modern Suburban House 3

That's one of those houses that is made for people who don't ask much but still crave for ...
 Block count: 1103
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Green Suburban House 1

Is that a house designed for Hulk or Shrek or... You? I guess it's for You this time, haha...
 Block count: 1242
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Green DownTown House 1

This downtown house looks really good, I am loving this green color, goes well with the bu...
 Block count: 2069
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Botanical Garden

Do You like visiting Botanical Gardens? Because I really do, it is always so beautiful and...
 Block count: 12238
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Suburban Quartz House 9

I guess it's difficult to build family houses in the city center but that's why You could ...
 Block count: 2890
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Suburban Quartz House 7

Another quartz house. So bright, fun and colorful- like a real house should be. The green ...
 Block count: 1243
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Small Suburban House with Pool

Pretty nice house, isn't it? To be honest, it's a super simple house with just the right a...
 Block count: 1366
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Small Quartz Suburban House

Another suburban quartz house. They all have something in common but there's always someth...
 Block count: 745
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