Survival Houses


Dark Kingdom Farm House 2

Well this house here is looking rather nice, don't You think so? You know the best part? I...
 Block count: 349
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Dark Kingdom Farm House 1

Now this is a true farm house, a small, warm and cozy house. Imagine living in this little...
 Block count: 289
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Kulak - Eastern European Farm

Now, now what do we have here - a beautiful farm straight from the Eastern Europe. I guess...
 Block count: 14257
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Ragnar's Medieval Survival House

Survival house or not, we all need a beautiful home to live in. Life is short so we need t...
 Block count: 495
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Survival Tree House

Surviving is our biggest instinct, You knew that, right? But here we take it to the next l...
 Block count: 595
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Tiny Survival House 3

Teeny- tiny survival house is waiting for a survivor to bring it home. Is that gonna be Yo...
 Block count: 188
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Tiny Survival House 2

If You want to survive in this cruel cruel world we live in then I suppose You'd love to b...
 Block count: 104
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Tiny Survival House 1

Curious to see what the word TINY actually means? Well, check out the pics here. I bet it ...
 Block count: 70
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Simple Survival Home

If You do not want to sleep under a tree, which would be pretty scary actually and what if...
 Block count: 300
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Multi-Need Basic Home

Do You like survival houses? I feel like they are so cool beacuse they have literally ever...
 Block count: 305
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Survival Offshore Ocean Fishing House

I just found my dream house everybody! Just ... wow this fishing house is literally offsho...
 Block count: 2421
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Small Survival Victorian House

Don't You just love Victorian houses? Look how fancy and beautiful it looks. The grey and ...
 Block count: 1397
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Simple Rustic Small Survival House

If You love survival houses then check out this one here. It is really cool and I love the...
 Block count: 1337
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Small Survival House

I seriously love this survival house. Isn't it so cute and unique? There is even a beautif...
 Block count: 2818
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Simple Survival Modern House

Nobody wants to die, neither do You I hope. But my suggestion to You is- survive in style!...
 Block count: 441
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Simple Survival House

Tiny? Yeees. Simple? Naah. That's a super cool build to minecraft when You're in a hurry t...
 Block count: 1122
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