Wooden Houses


Wood Elf House

Elves ... the most amazing creatures in the whole universe, I am pretty sure of that and t...
 Block count: 718
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Druid's Hut

Woah, is that really a hut? From far away it looks ... well it doesn't look like a house a...
 Block count: 482
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Fantasy Town Small House 2

Now this is a comfortable house to stay in. It would work really well as a tavern, don't Y...
 Block count: 1474
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Saloon of the Wild West

What is a saloon You may ask, well a public room or building used for a specified purpose,...
 Block count: 688
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Wild West Old Bank

Old Bank for all the Wild Westi residents. Isn't it sweet? I mean everyone needs a place t...
 Block count: 628
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Wild West Sheriff's House

Imagine being a Sheriff in the Wild West, how many nights would You survive or would You j...
 Block count: 695
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Wild West Prison

A prison!! Now that building has to be really safe and strong one, right? If it is not the...
 Block count: 568
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Wild West Inn

Agh, an inn is just perfect place to be. But this is a Wild West one ... so the first ques...
 Block count: 1089
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Wild West Hospital

A hospital that looks completely different from how we know them now. But Wild West was, l...
 Block count: 992
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Wild West Theater

I like this theater ... It looks very fancy and unique, don't You think so? For some reaso...
 Block count: 1368
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Unfurnished Fantasy House 18

This Fantasy house here would be the house to look at after a hard day and feel at ease wi...
 Block count: 1628
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Unfurnished Fantasy House 16

Woah, check out that roof! I can literally climb up there and play and maybe even think of...
 Block count: 1434
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Unfurnished Fantasy House 19

If I say Fantasy house, what is the first thing that comes into Your mind? Over the top, a...
 Block count: 1907
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Unfurnished Fantasy House 17

Unfurnished houses are always the best ones ... well not always but very often. Because, t...
 Block count: 1408
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Adacia Common House

Woah ... I have never seen a common house that pretty, I am not kidding. It is so beautifu...
 Block count: 1519
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Unfurnished Fantasy House 8

A Fantasy house that still needs Your help ... Things can not get any better, am I right? ...
 Block count: 952
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