Military Buildings


Troll Watchtower

A watchtower with a roof filled with hay bales! How adorable is that? Well not exactly ado...
 Block count: 336
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Starcraft Supply Depo Closed

So this here is a building that houses all the goods, tools and accessories in Starcraft o...
 Block count: 108
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Starcraft Factory

Welcome all Starcraft players, You have found a pretty important piece from our database -...
 Block count: 825
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Starcraft Barracks

There is a rumor going on that Starcraft Barracks are ... special. Well the building in fr...
 Block count: 882
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Starcraft Supply Depo

Which one of You can play Starcraft? I am rather good at it but I am sure there are people...
 Block count: 256
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Adventurer's Guild

This is little something for all the world discoverers out there - an adventurer's guild. ...
 Block count: 2199
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Rustic Medieval Town Gate

All Medieval towns are surrounded with walls, it is for their own protection, a protection...
 Block count: 3274
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Warhammer 40k Stronghold

It is time to finally build a powerful and beautiful stronghold into Your Minecraft. Usual...
 Block count: 925
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Warhammer 40k Sacred Artefact

Things are getting more interesting by the minute in here - a Warhammer Sacred Artefact is...
 Block count: 1607
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Warhammer 40k Power Generators

Well these power generators we see here are really adorable. I mean just look at those col...
 Block count: 164
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Warhammer 40k Orbital Relay

Now this is a very interesting Orbital Relay but from space marines this is really expensi...
 Block count: 865
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Warhammer 40k Machine Cult

Machine Cult ... it is an interesting but scary mechanism. Is it true that inside the cult...
 Block count: 1367
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Warhammer 40k Chapel Barracks

You don't happen to have some units like Assault Marines or Space Marines? Well if You hav...
 Block count: 1443
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Warhammer 40k Armory

Imagine living in a Warhammer styled town or a village ... It would be pretty hard to find...
 Block count: 620
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Runiya Medieval Watchtower

Runiya watchtowers are so beautiful. They are tall, very detailed, colorful and just so sw...
 Block count: 1056
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Reinhart Watchtower

Well this is a fancy watchtower. There are so many details and can You see how roomy it is...
 Block count: 7364
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