Starter Houses


Tall Starter House

A starter house at its best! I have always imagined starter houses more like ... small and...
 Block count: 1147
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Survivalist Farm House

Farm houses are the best really. It doesn't matter how small or big one they are, it is th...
 Block count: 644
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Forest Starter House

Living in the forest, now that is a really good idea actually. And living in a house like ...
 Block count: 490
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Flat Roof Starter House

Okay, so You have a house with a flat roof, any ideas of how to design it or how to use it...
 Block count: 545
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Desert Starter House

Thinking about building a village or a huge house in the desert? Well this one here is a g...
 Block count: 712
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Small Underground House

Oh wow, if all underground houses would look like this one here I'd build them all really....
 Block count: 325
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Small Cobblestone House

Now this is truly a small house but it looks so unique! The roof is a little bit ... awry ...
 Block count: 304
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Taiga Small House

Minecrafting is like arts. You just use Your creativity, mix and match different materials...
 Block count: 251
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Sandstone Starter House 3

Wait, is that a cactus on top of the house? Haha, brilliant! That's an absolutely ideal d...
 Block count: 350
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Sandstone Starter House 2

Say whaaat!? What kind of sorcery is that? Well... this house looks like a mess and a bril...
 Block count: 1852
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Sandstone Starter House 1

Are You ready for something really different and out of box? Here's an unique sandstone st...
 Block count: 861
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Multi-Need Basic Home

Do You like survival houses? I feel like they are so cool beacuse they have literally ever...
 Block count: 305
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Small Medieval Rustic Starter Home

This starter home reminds me of a forest hut, it is so tiny yet very fashionable. The dark...
 Block count: 840
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Small Rustic Starter Home

Small, rustic, peaceful and lovely- that's how I would describe this little build. It's a ...
 Block count: 440
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Simple Starter House 4

Give the new day in Minecraft a kick start and build a nice and cosy starter house! Buildi...
 Block count: 1212
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Wooden Starter House

I love this wooden starter house, it looks really friendly and welcoming for some reason -...
 Block count: 714
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