Live Giarratana: Apartment Skyscraper

Now this is what I call a Skyscraper, just look at it. It is so huge and amazing. It looks...
 Block count: 45651
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Semi-Detached Downtown House

Now You'll have a perfect opportunity to build a home that is perfect for You and Your bes...
 Block count: 1337
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Plantation Mansion

If a while ago You started with minecrafting little houses and other easy minecraft stuff ...
 Block count: 52086
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White Downtown House

If You love white houses as much as I do then I bet You like this one here too although it...
 Block count: 1973
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Pink Suburban Villa

Do You love the color pink? To be honest I'm more of a fan of black but this pink Villa he...
 Block count: 2904
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Green Suburban House

This green suburban house looks really cool and unique because I have never seen a house f...
 Block count: 1240
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Green DownTown House

Well this house here is unique, have You ever seen a green house? It looks like a deliciou...
 Block count: 2133
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Huge Modern Mansion

Is there a word that can describe bigger better? Like huge, enormous .. like this Mansion ...
 Block count: 47907
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Watermill (Graywatch)

This is a Watermill everybody, A big and really beautiful one to be honest. Just look how ...
 Block count: 1898
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Suburban Quartz House 6

This is that kind of a building that would look good almost in every area. In the city cen...
 Block count: 863
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Suburban Quartz House 5

This house here looks pretty cool. It is roomy, it has two floors and the interior is very...
 Block count: 841
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Suburban Quartz House 4

Do You like Quartz? I believe that quartz houses are looking amazing, they are really whit...
 Block count: 1241
Details Blueprints

Suburban Quartz House 3

This house looks really fancy. I love how the brown wood is mixed with white quartz - it l...
 Block count: 859
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Small Blacksmith (Graywatch)

Wow, this Blacksmiths house is looking amazing. The design is absolutely gorgeous, it is s...
 Block count: 1306
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Modern Suburban House 2

From day to day You spend time designing a nice suburban area but all You have there are h...
 Block count: 2413
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Baron's House (Graywatch)

Have You seen so detailed and realistic house before? It is awesome, it looks really cool ...
 Block count: 3417
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