W.R. Grace Building, New York

What's the symbol of a big modern city? A huge skyscraper of course. Whether it's famous o...
 Block count: 47619
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Trump Inernational Hotel, New York

Woah, can You imagine sleeping in a hotel like this? It is so tall and is it made of glass...
 Block count: 31300
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Two International Finance Centre, Hong Kong

Where does all the money go? Ask someone good at finance. I guess You can find someone fro...
 Block count: 38815
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Torre Caja, Madrid

Are You ready for experiencing Spanish temper? Here's something from the city of Madrid. A...
 Block count: 46415
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OCBC Bank, Singapore

How awesome it would be to be the owner of a world wide bank? I can only imagine how much ...
 Block count: 31936
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Maybank Tower, Singapore

Have You ever been to Singapore before? If You have then isn't this Maybank tower here pre...
 Block count: 16415
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One Liberty Building, Philadelphia

In Liberty Place You can find 2 skyscrapers, a shopping mall and a hotel. This time I'm in...
 Block count: 41185
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Renaissance Center, Detroit

Renaissance Center is a complex of fabulous skyscrapers located in Detroit, USA. From the ...
 Block count: 35581
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NY Chrysler Building

What do You think of building a very realistic Chrysler building in Your Minecraft? Take ...
 Block count: 41592
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Emirates Crown, Dubai

Guess how many floors does it have... Yeah, thanks to google we can find out that there're...
 Block count: 36030
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Downtown Office Building 1

WOW, that's a really fancy office building I must say. Look how tall it is! I'm sure no on...
 Block count: 19879
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