Wild Animals


Asian Monkey

Are You an animal lover? Well if You are and even if You are not then this monkey here is ...
 Block count: 179
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North American Eagle

Eagles are amazing animals, I am not kidding. Even in the spiritual world they have such a...
 Block count: 169
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North American Wolf

Oh how adorable animals are, why can't people be as cute as this wolf here for example? We...
 Block count: 177
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Asian Tiger

Why are all the animals so cute? Just look at that tiger here, so dangerous and unpredicta...
 Block count: 206
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Grizzly Bear

Ahh Grizzly Bears ... aren't they adorable? And very dangerous animals at the same time bu...
 Block count: 256
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Penguin Statue

Name an animal that is cuter than penguin ... nobody, not even the small cats because Peng...
 Block count: 73
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North American Deer

Well this is an interesting choice of an animal. To be honest the deer looks really good, ...
 Block count: 172
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Small Lion Statue

Lions are cute, we all know it ... until they grow up and show these sharp teeth of them. ...
 Block count: 81
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Red Panda

Have You ever seen a Red Panda before? I don't think so but if You have then You are reall...
 Block count: 251
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American Bison

Well this is a great statue! Can You imagine owning it in Your own Minecraft? I bet it wou...
 Block count: 223
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Monkey Statue

Now this is a cute little monkey! Just look how adorable and small it is and it is waving ...
 Block count: 46
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Elephant Statue

What would You do with an elephant in Your Minecraft? Think about for a minute or so ... i...
 Block count: 201
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Ducks Statue

This is adorable ... ducks are just perfect animals. They are adorable, cute, sweet, they ...
 Block count: 38
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Small Bat Statue

This is just too adorable. Well except if someone is afraid of bats but why should they be...
 Block count: 43
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Panda with Bamboo

Pandas are one of the cutest animals in the world right? Well if You don't count the small...
 Block count: 222
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Polar Bear Statue

Animal statues!! Aren't they just the cutest? Let's take this Polar Bear here for an examp...
 Block count: 159
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