Modern Beach House

Sun is shining, birds are singing and the sound of gentle waves is taking Your breath away...
 Block count: 1881
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Medieval Cabin

Like a little house. A mini house. That's what this cabin's about. Oooh, look at those lov...
 Block count: 705
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Alpine Cabin

Stunning! That's this kind of a building that can only be seen in movies... Well, for the ...
 Block count: 3035
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Small Medieval Town House 1

Gorgeous! Looks like some grandma house from the movies but naaah, comes out that it's a m...
 Block count: 2292
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Medieval Nordic House

I love this Nordic house, why don't we really have houses like this here? Doesn't it look ...
 Block count: 1941
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Small Modern House 4

The idea of a two-storied house may seem a little mainstream these days but that's when th...
 Block count: 1142
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Medieval Tower 1

You can never get bored of building medieval towers. Never. Especially when Your next buil...
 Block count: 2727
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Medieval Middle Class House 20

Bored? I have a remedy for that- a new Minecraft model! If You're too lazy or relaxed to b...
 Block count: 1093
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Beach House

Do You think this beach house could work as a party house? It's quite big, has a lot of fr...
 Block count: 5069
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Medieval Middle Class House 19

This middle class house here is looking so beautiful. Is it really a middle class house? T...
 Block count: 2558
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Medieval Hut 1

Is it just me or brown is seriously a beautiful color? Just look at this hut, it is totall...
 Block count: 1100
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Dwarven Farm

I love animals, Every summer You can find me at my granny's place because there are so man...
 Block count: 3000
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Oriental House 1

Looking for some oriental vibes? After finishing this piece You'll definitely get some. It...
 Block count: 2514
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Oriental House

Medieval, medieval, medieval... tired of it? Try something new, try oriental buildings for...
 Block count: 1430
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Medieval Middle Class House 21

To be honest, I think Middle class houses are looking the prettiest. Like this one here, d...
 Block count: 1254
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Low Class Medieval House 14

Pretty fancy looking house for a low class person I would say. Looks like someone's living...
 Block count: 694
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