Wooden Survival House 2

This survival house here looks really fancy and modern, don't You think so? I love the des...
 Block count: 3052
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Steampunk House

Ever heard of a steampunk style? I feel sorry for You if the answer is NO but hey, better ...
 Block count: 2387
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Medieval Stable 1

This stable here looks pretty cool. I love that there is more than one house for the anima...
 Block count: 1105
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Medieval Barracks 1

You've seen medieval style houses, towers, gates and stuff but have You seen barracks? I'v...
 Block count: 2634
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Small Winter House

A little wintry gingerbread house for someone? Yes? It looks waaay too adorable to miss ou...
 Block count: 1443
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Modern Villa

Imagine You're in northern Italy, driving in Your ferrari on Your way home... You get in f...
 Block count: 1349
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Medieval Hunting Lodge 1

This hunting lodge here is looking really safe. I love how it is built half with wood and ...
 Block count: 528
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Medieval Butcher

Am I the only one that has never been to a Butcher before? When I was small my grandma alw...
 Block count: 1759
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England House

Are England houses really like this? So colorful and detailed with many small windows that...
 Block count: 1920
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Big Stone House

So if You have some free time on Your hands and You'd like to build something cool then ch...
 Block count: 2364
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Big Country House

This house here looks fancy, I got to tell You that I'll give it ten points out of ten. Be...
 Block count: 2493
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Asian House

Wanna spice Your Minecraft World up with some asian vibes? Welcome to the very right place...
 Block count: 1298
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Small Medieval Townhouse 1

Oooh, that's a cute one! And reminds a looot of a dwarf house. I wonder how many of them i...
 Block count: 499
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Nordic House 2

This house really gives me chills when I look at it... There is something apparitional abo...
 Block count: 1416
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Medieval Witch House

Funny to think that You can now recreate a house known from sooo many cartoons! Witch hous...
 Block count: 1137
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Medieval Low Class House 16

Ooh, poor low class people... That house is just waaay too tiny to live a normal life in i...
 Block count: 478
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