TV Series Characters



Ever felt scared in Minecraft? Well, if no then it's about time haha! This model isn't the...
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Cartman (South Park)

Don't You think that Cartman has the coolest outfit of all the other South Park characters...
 Block count: 369
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Kenny (South Park)

Hey, You! Do You already have the Kenny Statue in Your South Park collection? No? Well, it...
 Block count: 265
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Butters (South Park)

Oh You, Butters... South Park must be proud to have a member like him! I personally don't ...
 Block count: 292
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Walter White (Breaking Bad)

Walter White from Breaking Bad is truly a legend and a real legend needs his own statue! W...
 Block count: 246
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Cookie Monster Statue

I need some cookies... this cookie looks really good in his hand. Anyway this Monster here...
 Block count: 629
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Superman Pixel Art

This is the cutest Superman I have ever seen. This statue is more like pixel art, so that ...
 Block count: 354
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Kyle (South Park)

Listen up, guys! I've got something cool for the South Park fans! One of the funniest char...
 Block count: 307
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Stan (South Park)

South Park never gets boring. Maybe You should think about creating Your own South Park Wo...
 Block count: 271
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This is a Dalek, some kind of a mutant from Doctor Who. To be honest it does look pretty s...
 Block count: 1203
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