Cartoon Characters


Bulbasaur 2

This is so adorable, Bulbasaur is one of the cutest Pokémons out there for sure. Just look...
 Block count: 445
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Spengubebu Statue

Well what do we have here? It is the creepy and very unique Spengubebu statue. I wonder h...
 Block count: 85
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Statue

Meet the king of my childhood, the ninja turtles. Since this turtle here wears a blue mask...
 Block count: 1168
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Korra Statue (The Legend of Korra)

Who is Your favorite character from the legend of Korra? I hope it is Korra herself becaus...
 Block count: 1070
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Goku Statue

Have You ever seen Goku? I bet You have, the energetic, cheerful and eat-it-all person. Th...
 Block count: 1091
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Emmet Statue (The Lego Movie)

Meet the main protagonist of the Lego movie, Emmet who looks somehow very realistic. Just...
 Block count: 1141
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Warrior Statue

Wow ... this statue is looking just amazing. I am not a person who likes to look at statu...
 Block count: 417
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Ash Statue

There can never be enough of cool guys in Minecraft. It's just impossible. So here's anoth...
 Block count: 1102
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Dragon Statue 2

Is dragon a monster? Weeeellll, theoretically yes but if You imagine a monster in Your hea...
 Block count: 1274
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Dragon Statue 1

With no mouth or eyes, this dragon still looks remarkably cool. He reminds me a bit of an ...
 Block count: 330
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Steve Anatomy Statue

If You're looking for something to add to Your statue collection, then this one here is pr...
 Block count: 898
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Captain America Statue

The unbreakable, immortal superhero Captain America is someone who should appear in Your M...
 Block count: 1072
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Super Mario Mushroom Statue

Look at this Mushroom statue - isn't it awesome? It looks like the real mushroom so i gues...
 Block count: 744
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Homer Simpson Statue

Look at this cool Homer Simpson statue, it really looks like him. I like his belly and his...
 Block count: 1342
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King Statue

Every castle needs a king and every kingdom needs one, too. By that I mean You need a King...
 Block count: 1110
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Carnage Statue

This statue of Carnage is really amazing. Just look at it! Red and black really suits him ...
 Block count: 1024
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