Farm Animals


Ducks Statue

This is adorable ... ducks are just perfect animals. They are adorable, cute, sweet, they ...
 Block count: 38
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Small Sheep Statue

Awww ... this is too adorable for my poor heart. Do not look into the sheep eyes ... You m...
 Block count: 53
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Small Pig Statue

What can be more adorable than a tiny little pink pig statue with an adorable little nose,...
 Block count: 44
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Small Cow Statue

This is a baby cow, why a baby? Because it is adorable, small and very artistic. This cow ...
 Block count: 56
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Small Chicken Statue

Woooah, Chicken statue ... who on earth thought of that? But ... It is adorable. It is suc...
 Block count: 51
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Minecraft Chicken

First thing that popped into my head when I saw this funny chicken was the chicken song......
 Block count: 464
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Cow Statue

I used to see cows a lot when I was a kid - they were all black and white. But this one is...
 Block count: 1651
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Sheep Statue

You thought you'd find a white sheep on this page right? Oh, wait, you see the screenshot...
 Block count: 1944
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Horse Statue

Very statue-like horse standing in the picture... It kinda looks nosy too with it's nose u...
 Block count: 2608
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Chicken Statue

This Chicken Statue is incredibly similar to Minecraft world chickens and is very easily b...
 Block count: 340
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Pig Statue

This cute pink Pig Statue is very easily built - you only need 5 types of wool: black, whi...
 Block count: 1168
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