Brick Houses


Classy European City Building

Oh wow, well this is classy indeed. It is a huge brick house and very beautiful one. When ...
 Block count: 3976
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Village Hunters House

Well well ... this house here looks to be just perfect for a hunter. Why? Because of the d...
 Block count: 500
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Village Water Wheel

Awww, how can a village house look that cute? And that little tree next to it too!! Plus t...
 Block count: 549
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Medieum Village House

So, what do You think of village houses? Aren't they just the cutest? Just look at these c...
 Block count: 627
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Village Fishermans House

Oh this is such a cute place to live for a fisherman, don't You think so? I love the water...
 Block count: 1069
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Small Village Inn

This is perfect! It doesn't need more words ... These kind of houses with stone walls and ...
 Block count: 954
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Unfurnished Brick Villa 2

Living in a villa sounds pretty nice, what do You think? If You are being asked where do Y...
 Block count: 2526
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Unfurnished Brick Villa 1

Thinking about building a fancy house?? You are in the right place because villas are amaz...
 Block count: 1388
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Small Unfurnished Brick House 1

Now that is a house for people who love designing because that house here is totally empty...
 Block count: 205
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Small Brick House 2

Is this a bakery? It is actually just a brick house I know, but then whoever lives in here...
 Block count: 615
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Small Brick House 1

Brick house is the way to go if You would love to have a house that will stay beautiful fo...
 Block count: 554
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Small Village Brick House

So, what do You think of brick houses? Aren't they cute and so strong too? Strong because ...
 Block count: 991
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Small Brick Library

I can see that You're currently working on that brick village. You've done great job so fa...
 Block count: 1017
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Brick Gatehouse

I knew I loved brick before but seeing a whole gatehouse built with brick - amazing! To be...
 Block count: 2416
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Western Jail

Something for western style lovers! Here's a super small jail to keep just some of the bad...
 Block count: 1385
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Seashore Brick House 4

Not sure if this house is any good for living but it surely looks like You can do some spy...
 Block count: 443
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