Modern Houses


Unfurnished Traditional House

So this is what a traditional house looks like - I have always wondered what they might lo...
 Block count: 2922
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Traditional House

Now this is nice - simple, empty, beautiful and rather detailed house. As You can see it i...
 Block count: 2922
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Small Unfurnished Modern House 1

Is it just me or every time I see a gorgeous Modern house I think how classy and beautiful...
 Block count: 4211
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Modernist Villa

Can You say You love modernism? If You can then the house here is for You - certainly! The...
 Block count: 6054
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Classic European City House

This is really unique, have You ever seen a house like this? Who are the designers, show Y...
 Block count: 1370
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Suburban Family House

Every family needs a house like this. Why? Because just look at it. It is beautiful, so cl...
 Block count: 609
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Small Modern Villa

Now that is a seriously nice villa, I wonder how much would it cost to build this in real ...
 Block count: 2689
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Terraced House

Oh this is something nice. Do You know how perfect colorful houses are? Just look at this ...
 Block count: 875
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Abstract House 3

Well ... I think we have finally reached the future. It is year 3057 and these are the hou...
 Block count: 19603
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Abstract House 2

Can I say Omg? That house is amazing, it is just breathtaking. I am absulutely sure there ...
 Block count: 8533
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Abstract House 4

Suddenly I feel like I should take up some geometry classes. This Abstract house here is j...
 Block count: 12464
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Abstract House 1

Is this house still free to move in? I would love to live in a house like this, it is just...
 Block count: 8039
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Levitating Cube House

This is why we need Minecraft right here - Levitating cube house! I wonder if I could live...
 Block count: 1368
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Modern Minimalist Villa 3

A Villa with a pool, is there anything else We need? I just hope it is sunny most of the t...
 Block count: 2454
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Modern Minimalist Villa 2

Why do Minimalist villas look so good? Just look at that building! Isn't it perfect? The l...
 Block count: 2058
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Modern Minimalist Villa 1

A pool, balcony, huge dining room, a beautiful yard, roomy, big windows, perfect Modern de...
 Block count: 2541
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