Service Stations


Modern Gas Station

Since You are checking out this gas station here then I bet You have a lot of cars, right?...
 Block count: 14171
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Oil Change Station

Since people are using vehicles to travel faster and easier then we also need to take car...
 Block count: 1303
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Petrol Station

When I am travelling then the petrol stations are my favorite stops on the road, because I...
 Block count: 3974
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Gas Station 1

Looong and boring highways require a practical gas station where minecrafters could get so...
 Block count: 3305
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Public Restroom

Now this is something very important, am I right? I mean restroom is really popular place ...
 Block count: 375
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Beauty Salon

Now this is what I call a beauty salon, just look how detailed it is. It even has some bea...
 Block count: 571
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Logistics Building

No transportation company works without a logistics building and neither does Yours. This ...
 Block count: 9492
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Fire Station

Almost every little boy has wanted to become a fireman at some point in their life. Are Yo...
 Block count: 5710
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Car Wash

Sometimes we all find ourselves wondering "How could I make more money?" Did You know that...
 Block count: 650
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Airport Fuel Tanks

Airport's structure needs to be completely considered, so that the taking off and landing ...
 Block count: 976
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Gas Station

Do You have any idea how essential a Gas Station is nowadays? Like... There wouldn't be al...
 Block count: 2217
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