Pink Suburban Villa 1

How come You don't have any villas in the suburb yet? It's about damn time to get one then...
 Block count: 2908
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Medieval Stone House

"Sticks and stones my break my bones..." Well, not this time, let me tell You that. This s...
 Block count: 3210
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Medieval Reading Club 1

Never ever enough of medieval style buildings! A popular place these days was a reading cl...
 Block count: 4677
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Medieval Middle Class House 17

The middle class area in Your medieval village needs a little refreshment? Here's a great ...
 Block count: 1765
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Medieval Hotel

Missing a fancy hotel from Your medieval town? Here's one for You. Nice and big, with many...
 Block count: 4600
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Brick Mansion 1

It's like one of those houses in Great Britain. Actually, every third house there looks li...
 Block count: 8900
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Yellow Suburban House 1

Doesn't yellow make You instantly feel better for some reason? Well if I look at this hous...
 Block count: 2880
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Yellow Suburban House

Who doesn't want a little more sun in their day? Look at that house here, doesn't it look ...
 Block count: 609
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Suburban Quartz House 8

Who doesn't like quartz? I mean look how beautiful and fancy it looks, especially with thi...
 Block count: 785
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Suburban Quartz House 11

How about an easy, roomy suburban quartz house? If Yes then check it out, isn't it cool? I...
 Block count: 745
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Suburban Quartz House 10

This quartz house is looking pretty awesome, am I right? There is a little porch with flow...
 Block count: 1069
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Purple Suburban House

I love purple, well I actually love all the colors but this house looks really cool. Did Y...
 Block count: 842
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Modern Suburban House with Pool

Who doesn't want to have Your own pool in Your house, am I right? It doesn't matter if You...
 Block count: 1378
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Modern Suburban House 5

This modern house is looking really cozy. Just look at these coffee colors and there is ev...
 Block count: 1880
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Destroyed House

Imagine walking around Your new neighborhood and seeing a house like that? Wouldn't it be ...
 Block count: 24399
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Victorian Home

If You feel like Your fancy downtown area needs some supplement then You've come to the ri...
 Block count: 6808
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