Asian Pond Garden 4

A pond garden ... so a pond in the garden. Let's be honest, a pond in ones garden is just ...
 Block count: 726
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Asian Pond Garden 3

Well this pond garden here is really pretty and rather big too. Can You see the water? It ...
 Block count: 854
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Asian Pond Garden 2

A lovely little pond at the garden is sometimes all You need when You're feeling a little ...
 Block count: 905
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Asian Pond Garden 1

Asian style buildings are always a good idea. They're sooo different from western world an...
 Block count: 1112
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Medieval Kingdom Flower Bed

Well this is cute :) Something really simple yet beautiful into Your garden. Is there anyt...
 Block count: 51
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Modern Greenhouse and Garden

If You love fresh food then greenhouse is for You, or if You like growing plants that need...
 Block count: 1155
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Nordic Village Park Fountain

If You are feeling lonely or sad then I hope building into Your Minecraft is Your little h...
 Block count: 1943
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Zen Garden

Sometimes it feels like people are always in a hurry. Rushing somewhere and just running a...
 Block count: 8270
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Botanical Garden

Do You like visiting Botanical Gardens? Because I really do, it is always so beautiful and...
 Block count: 12238
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Baroque Garden

Medieval, renaissance, baroque... So many styles, even more models to try out. But You kno...
 Block count: 14795
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Fountains Terrace

Wondering how it would feel like to own a majestic garden? No need to wonder anymore, Mine...
 Block count: 10710
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Grain Fields

Practice makes perfect, we all know that. So if You're thinking about growing something in...
 Block count: 90
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No tap no water? Nope, if You have a draw-well! That's an inevitable piece in every mediev...
 Block count: 176
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Old Grain Field

Do You like grain? I got to say that I kind of like it, but well ... chocolate is way bet...
 Block count: 407
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Garden Shed

A garden without a shed... Where do You think You're going to keep Your precious gardening...
 Block count: 120
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Boat Dock

Let me present You another well-built must-have object - a boat dock! If You already have ...
 Block count: 443
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