Mythological Creatures


Oriental Steampunk Dragon

What . is . that? This dragon here is so well built, it is amazing, it just looks so good ...
 Block count: 1392
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Dark Oak Ent

This Ent here is massive, I mean just look at that! How much would an Ent like this weight...
 Block count: 298
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Acacia Ent

I can see Ents are taking over the wold now! This time we have travelled into tropical par...
 Block count: 161
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Jungle Ent

Is it just me or Ents are rather popular these days? Well I can see why. Just look how coo...
 Block count: 781
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Birch Ent

Oh this is interesting. We have an Ent here, but it is a Birch version ... I have never se...
 Block count: 153
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Spruce Ent

Spruce Ent ... This one here is looking pretty good, don't You think so? The details You c...
 Block count: 140
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Oak Ent

You know how Oak Tree Ents are really hard to notice? Well I think this statue here is on ...
 Block count: 140
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Minotaur Statue

People love Greek mythology, right? It is just so interesting thing to learn about and to ...
 Block count: 51
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Dwarf Statue

Have You ever seen a better dwarf statue? This is just adorable, look at his small cute ha...
 Block count: 70
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Forest Golem

Holy macaroni! That creature right here has literally no chill. Anyone got a chill pill fo...
 Block count: 2076
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Pharaon Statue

I've got a real goody to all the Egyptian mythology fans! Here's the notorious Pharaon in ...
 Block count: 4949
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Anubis - God of the Dead Statue

Do You know all Egyptian gods and goddesses? This black and golden one here is Anubis, the...
 Block count: 2632
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Osiris Statue

Do You feel a little bit smaller under the statue of god of the dead and underworld? Well ...
 Block count: 4807
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Isis Statue

When You need better health and more wisdom then I hope Isis, the Egyptian goddess can hel...
 Block count: 7243
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Egyptian Queen Statue

I remember when I first learn about Egypt then I really wanted to become an Egyptian queen...
 Block count: 4750
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Anubis Statue

The god of death and afterlife ... what do You think of him? Doesn't he look amazing? To b...
 Block count: 5111
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