Modern Quartz House

Is that a house where people are supposed to live? Hmm... it's a bit too opened for me, bu...
 Block count: 2168
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Medieval Town Well

Back in the Middle Ages people didn't have the opportunity to drink water from the tap. Al...
 Block count: 320
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Medieval Rustic Log Cabin 1

This Log cabin here is looking good, am I right? I love how unique and friendly it looks. ...
 Block count: 760
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Glass Modern House

Wooow, that's truly a super awesome modern house! Who could've ever thought that it's poss...
 Block count: 3381
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Desert Home

That house would look pretty invisible in desert, don't You think? Yea, what ever, the mos...
 Block count: 1183
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Steampunk Towerhouse

Wow, that's an awesome piece! Steampunk style never stops to surprise us and this time is ...
 Block count: 3061
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Medieval Watch Tower

There are quite many different style of watch towers available in Grabcraft but this is on...
 Block count: 1560
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Medieval Town House 1

Looking for the next piece to add to Your medieval town? Building another town house is al...
 Block count: 879
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Small Enchanting Hut

This wooden hut is really small, like really small, but it is quite cute. If You go inside...
 Block count: 253
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Medieval Potion Shop

Anyone need some kind of potion? This shop here looks like You can have all kind of potion...
 Block count: 986
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Medieval Blacksmith 3

This blacksmiths house here looks pretty good, am I right? It seems to me that this blacks...
 Block count: 1088
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Viking Watermill

Viking style's somehow so exciting. It instantly reminds me vikings with beard and moustac...
 Block count: 1548
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Viking Blacksmith

Blacksmiths may've been more popular back in the Middle Ages but vikings couldn't live wit...
 Block count: 1329
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Small Wood Shed

In need to storage some Minecraft stuff? Small wood shed is just the right thing for You! ...
 Block count: 412
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Medieval Sawmill 1

Sawmill in medieval style? That's something interesting! Hah, to be honest, I haven't even...
 Block count: 446
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Medieval Rustic Log Cabin

Medieval theme never stops surprising us with it's different style of buildings. Here's on...
 Block count: 1430
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