Modern Shopping Mall

I bet You know people who like shopping, am I right? Well I'm not one of them, it takes to...
 Block count: 28108
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Medieval Shop 1

If only all shops would look like this, wouldn't it be amazing? I seriously love the color...
 Block count: 2562
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Medieval Trader

Have You ever thought if medieval woman liked shopping as much as they do nowadays? If I l...
 Block count: 2370
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Furniture Shop (Graywatch)

Sometimes You just need some inspiration for designing interiors or a place where to get s...
 Block count: 1483
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Pet Shop Shaped Like A Dog Head

This is amazing! I wish all pet shops could look like this one here, can You imagine how e...
 Block count: 2955
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Medieval Blacksmith / Workshop

Who could've ever imagined that You'll be able to have as fantastic medieval blacksmith in...
 Block count: 967
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Medieval Apothecary

Nowadays it's so easy to access apothecaries... You just enter a local mall and voila, the...
 Block count: 2385
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Small Medieval Store

Every dreamt about owning a little store? Just a little company that will give a lot of jo...
 Block count: 349
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Walmart 1

Too bad I'm living in Europe, because I'd love to go to the Walmart. I have seen so many f...
 Block count: 16282
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Medieval Shop

I do not like shopping, but I sure do like visiting cute little shops where they have ever...
 Block count: 730
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Blacksmith Shop

Now You can work peacefully on Your forging projects without worrying about bothering the ...
 Block count: 1245
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Clothing Store

Here's something for the real fashionistas- a legit designer shop for Your favourite brand...
 Block count: 964
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Firework Shop

Now this Firework shop is looking pretty original - it is small, but cute and it looks lik...
 Block count: 313
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Flower Shop

Now that is a shop that will melt every girl's heart! A flower shop! It has all kinds of f...
 Block count: 287
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Modern Shop

Ahh... finally - a modern shop in Minecraft that You can furnish exactly the way You want ...
 Block count: 1251
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Best Buy

This Best Buy store has a fun look from the outside and a very detailed interior. The six ...
 Block count: 6662
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