Dwarven Fisherhut

Do You like fishing? I have never caught a fish before, but I'm determined to do so, nothi...
 Block count: 951
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Modern Desert House

Imagine Yourself wandering in endless desert, so damn hungry and thirsty but worst of all-...
 Block count: 2315
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Asian Library

If You've find Yourself being fascinated by asian style design lately then I've got a surp...
 Block count: 1601
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Dwarven House

Why do all Dwarven houses look so awesome and different? I mean if You go a little further...
 Block count: 1603
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Nordic Watchtower

Nordic buildings are to die for. Like really, this historical vibe they are carrying with ...
 Block count: 994
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Nordic House

Sometimes I find myself wondering if houses really looked like this many years ago? If it'...
 Block count: 2096
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Medieval Town Hall 1

Important people need a worthy house. Especially those who were in charge back in the Midd...
 Block count: 2661
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Medieval Tavern 1

Doesn't this medieval Tavern look pretty easy to build but really cozy at the same time? T...
 Block count: 1417
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Medieval Nordic House 1

Woah, the roof of this house is a real masterpiece, just look how cool it looks from the a...
 Block count: 1155
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Dwarven Spawn Building

That's cute. I'm already imagining little dwarfs rushing around this spawn building. How a...
 Block count: 1652
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Asian House 1

Don't You just love Asian houses? They are all so unique and cozy looking. I especially lo...
 Block count: 667
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Small Green Suburban House

My advice to You when starting to create a suburb: build as many houses in different shape...
 Block count: 2067
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Yellow Suburban House 2

I am getting to like colors, especially yellow and green. Look at this unique house, doesn...
 Block count: 753
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White Suburban Villa

Can You say NO to a villa? I dare You! There's absolutely no way You could miss this beaut...
 Block count: 2905
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White Suburban House 2

This house gives me humble vibes... It seems so peaceful there and I can't do a thing abou...
 Block count: 774
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Small White Suburban House with Porch

There are so many colors lately everywhere, I think spring is here soon. But at the mean t...
 Block count: 791
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