Famous Characters


Erichhiro Statue

This is nice, the statue here is colorful, big, very detailed, I like the clothes it is we...
 Block count: 326
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Lndiniz Statue

We have another Youtuber here, Lndiniz. I didn't even know we have this kind of a statue h...
 Block count: 333
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Cherry Jazzghost Statue

Cherry the Jazzghost ... how do people come up with so cool names? I can just think of ......
 Block count: 386
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Mike Tazercraft Statue

There are famous people all around us or well not famous but a little bit more known than ...
 Block count: 325
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Authenticgames Statue

Authenticgames is a fun Youtube page to look at but trust me, the statue we have here is e...
 Block count: 337
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Jvnq Statue

This is a little bit different statue ... well it is the same but the clothes and the hair...
 Block count: 336
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Jazzghost Statue

Do You know how to be famous? Well, just be like the Jazzghost and upload videos to Youtub...
 Block count: 317
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Moonkase Statue

Another Youtuber is here people! This time it is the honor to introduce You the Moonkase s...
 Block count: 338
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Baixamemoria Statue

Let us fan over our favourite Youtubers, in this case we have a Baixamemoria statue here. ...
 Block count: 328
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Pac Tazercraft Statue

Massive 3D pixelart statue made to appreciate a youtuber, in this case, Pac Tazercraft. It...
 Block count: 344
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Starkinho Statue

Woah, now this is such a cool statue. It is huge and when You put the real skin next to it...
 Block count: 327
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Spok Statue

Can You imagine a Spok just walking around and suddenly seeing this statue here - pretty s...
 Block count: 342
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LDShadowLady Statue

Uuuu, hello there LDShadowLady! Looking good as always! This pretty lady can look all swee...
 Block count: 1123
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Magmamusen Statue

TSMC has done some great work again. This time we have the opportunity to add mr. Magmamus...
 Block count: 1031
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Zombie Herobrine

Brrr, he looks damn scary. Goosh man, he's like mini Hulk mixed with some kind of homeless...
 Block count: 1067
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Grian Statue

Hey, doesn't this Grian statue look amazing? It is very minimalistic and easy statue to do...
 Block count: 1000
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