Medieval Middle Class House 25

Hmmm... considering all the middle class houses we have in Grabcraft, this one's pretty mo...
 Block count: 2757
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Medieval Middle Class House 23

So this middle class house looks pretty cool, am I right? The colors are really warm and c...
 Block count: 974
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Swamp House

Doesn't this swamp house look amazing? It is so cute and cozy, I'd love to spend my summer...
 Block count: 831
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Steampunk House 1

Well this Steampunk house here is absolutely amazing. It looks like a windmill You can act...
 Block count: 3259
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Small Steampunk House

Why do I like this house so much? I think it is because of the unique design and the fact ...
 Block count: 3852
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Modern Villa 1

It's been a long time since I saw a modern villa that beautiful. I am a fan of huge window...
 Block count: 1830
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Mountainside House

Oooh, that's truly a fun house! Goosh, just look at it! You can use the stairs to get up ...
 Block count: 2954
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Japanese House

Wooop, finally something from Japanese culture! This build is representing a typical Japan...
 Block count: 3974
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Fantasy House

lynchyinc really nailed it when naming this build a fantasy house. Non symmetrical walls a...
 Block count: 1645
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Desert House

A lot of effort has been made to make this house fit perfectly to a desert. And the result...
 Block count: 1822
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Small Survival House

I seriously love this survival house. Isn't it so cute and unique? There is even a beautif...
 Block count: 2818
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Medieval Middle Class House 22

I have always liked middle class houses, because they are all so easy and cozy at the same...
 Block count: 638
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Asian Pagoda

Oh god, this Pagoda is so beautiful. The colors, the design and the view from the top - ev...
 Block count: 3869
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Jungle House

If You've had enough of this city life then take a trip to jungle, build a beautiful house...
 Block count: 1553
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Small Modern Stone House

If wooden houses are getting too mainstream, take a break and try a stone house. Here's a ...
 Block count: 1427
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Sandstone Mansion

Miami? Hollywood? Hawaii? I guess this house could easily be in all of those places. But f...
 Block count: 5013
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