Medieval Kingdom Throne 2

If I think of thrones then I immediately think of huge, massive, detailed beautiful ones l...
 Block count: 23
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Medieval Kingdom Throne 1

Every person needs a throne, right? To be honest I have always wanted to own a real fancy,...
 Block count: 18
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WW1 German Skin

What to do with Skins, I bet You already know an answer to that, am I right? But look how ...
 Block count: 1090
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Medieval Catapult

Wanna throw a tomato? Explode something? And do it all in a real medieval way? Welcome to ...
 Block count: 105
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PokeBall Statue

I bet You wanted to own a Pokémon in some time of Your life, even I did ... Pikachu was m...
 Block count: 492
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Statues of Warriors

This looks like an army to guard Your Minecraft world! You should even multiply it to have...
 Block count: 187
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Giant Coffee Cup

All of You who need coffee in the morning before talking to somebody, this should be heave...
 Block count: 3878
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Well isn't this awesome? It looks like a toaster and seems like a statue? Well quess what?...
 Block count: 179
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Angel Statue

Everybody should have an angel up there protecting and taking care of them. If You like to...
 Block count: 508
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Medieval Spearman Statue

Let's suppose You have a bunch of medieval castles or bridges with a super detailed struct...
 Block count: 238
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Dragon Ball Statue

Look at this orange Dragon ball. It doesn't look exactly like the real dragon ball, but it...
 Block count: 520
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