The Red Boot Hostel

The red boot hostel, doesn't it sound good? Thinking of this name I feel like the hostel s...
 Block count: 1738
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The Purple Iris Hostel

Welcome to Redlight District! It's one crazy and mysterious place where some suspicious st...
 Block count: 1377
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The Blue Darling Hostel

BOOOM! Here comes another fabulous hostel! First of all, The Blue Darling Hostel has a rea...
 Block count: 1620
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The Black Dahlia Hostel

Ooooh, creepy! Black dahlia is really a beautiful flower but this hostel gives me mixed fe...
 Block count: 2561
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Medieval Inn Detailed

This here is a Medieval inn? How much does the night cost cause I am planning on staying h...
 Block count: 2529
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The Frosty Maid Inn

This amazingly sweet inn belongs to the Frosty Maid. So now You know. It's a cute little i...
 Block count: 806
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The Burning Bear Inn

What is Your relationship with inns, do You love them or do You hate them? To be honest I ...
 Block count: 2692
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Arabic Desert Inn

If You are a traveller then inn should be the number one place in Your to go list, because...
 Block count: 1034
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Steampunk Inn 2

Well that's a really nice inn right here, isn't it!? Did You get to see the interior yet? ...
 Block count: 3612
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Wild West Hotel

I just love wild west buildings, they are all so easy and cool. Like this hotel here - the...
 Block count: 1919
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Medieval Island Village Inn

How about making Your own business? I mean building an Inn is such a great idea, right? Ev...
 Block count: 5216
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Modern Unfurnished Hotel

Tourism is quite popular, especially turning the summer time! So why not dive into this bu...
 Block count: 2797
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Medieval Tudor Inn

I just realized that Inns are mainly built for travelers, where they can rest, eat some de...
 Block count: 1457
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Fantasy Dwarven Hotel

I think that at first it looks like a big-big bush with all those flowers here and there. ...
 Block count: 1436
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Magic Nordic Unfurnished Inn

Lorencido's Magic-Nordic bundle is absolutely incredible and this build's a perfect exampl...
 Block count: 3552
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Modern Student Hostel

Students are on budget and everyone knows that. So what's going to happen when You need to...
 Block count: 7987
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