Viking Inn

I hope You like inns, especially very cool and detailed Viking ones, like this one here. C...
 Block count: 2572
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Viking Cottage 1

I really love all of Viking houses, they just look so different and cozy. Perfect get away...
 Block count: 941
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Nordic Guildhall

Get ready, here comes Your next viking style project! A guildhall is something that just c...
 Block count: 7899
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Big Countryside House

At the countryside there's a lot more space to minecraft than in town and guess what, You ...
 Block count: 17648
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Windhelm-inspired House

Now this is some table this house has, I could call my whole class to eat in there and the...
 Block count: 6518
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Viking Cottage

Last week I had a feeling that I needed to get out of the city, so I went and visited my ...
 Block count: 857
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Small House (Graywatch)

There's something off-the-wall about Graywatch style houses. Something that's simply irres...
 Block count: 1126
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Modern Luxury High Rise Building

Do You know much is the rent in this kind of house? It is enormous, if I could be the own...
 Block count: 27503
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Big Village House

There's no better place for practicing building than Minecraft. If You're dreaming about h...
 Block count: 10548
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Workshop (Graywatch)

So this house here is a workshop, pretty detailed one to be honest. So if You are wonderin...
 Block count: 987
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Medieval Inn

How about a huge inn? Have a chat with Your friends, stay overnight, have a drink and be ...
 Block count: 6327
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Clinic (Graywatch)

What if one of Your best buddies got hurt or Your big sister is about to give birth? In Mi...
 Block count: 781
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Christmas House

Say YES to the most exciting time of the year... for the whole year around! This little Ch...
 Block count: 4416
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Medieval Restaurant 1

I don't know about You but I'm always hungry and I'm eating seaweed right now. So restaura...
 Block count: 8019
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Solitude-inspired House

Not the most common house in Minecraft but looks gorgeous even from the distance. It's a p...
 Block count: 14652
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Modern House with Backyard

This is the most detailed modern house I have seen so far. It is absolutely gorgeous and i...
 Block count: 21041
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