Farm Buildings


Small Wooden Horse Stable

It almost looks like a doghouse! But actually it is big enough to accommodate at least one...
 Block count: 124
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Dark Age Mill

I am used seeing mills as huge and sometimes scary buildings, but this one here is just ad...
 Block count: 281
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Fantasy Medieval Windmill

Now this windmill here has gorgeous brown and white sails, they are really unique and pret...
 Block count: 1453
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Medieval Cavalry Stable

You love animals? You want to own many of them? Cows, horses or cute little piggies? All a...
 Block count: 1548
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Fantasy Dwarven Hay Silo

This Hay Silo looks like a watchtower! It is so tall and it looks pretty cool too. I wonde...
 Block count: 331
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Odd Medieval Small Windmill

This windmill is small and simple. But what else would You expect from a windmill? It has ...
 Block count: 473
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Fantasy Dwarven Windmill

This Fantasy Dwarven Windmill is so small! Look at those small windmill blades and this ti...
 Block count: 1043
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Large Medieval Windmill

How awesome would it be to live in a windmill? I have no idea, but I guess it would be pre...
 Block count: 1203
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Odd Medieval Stable

If You are looking for a huge stable to keep Your animals like horses safe then You are to...
 Block count: 5249
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Odd Medieval Granary

Since You already have a farm then how about making it bigger and bigger? Or if You don't...
 Block count: 667
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Acacia Farm Silo

Since You are here then You have Your own farm already and You need to storage Your grain ...
 Block count: 665
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Medieval Pig Farm

Farm buildings are a must have. And this little pig farm is no exception. It fits perfectl...
 Block count: 824
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Medieval Grain Silo and Windmill

Sometimes it is nice to own building that is not colorful and fancy and big and expensive,...
 Block count: 665
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Large Medieval Stable and Barn

Since You are here I bet You have a farm, right? Or something close to the warm, maybe hor...
 Block count: 1449
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Acacia Farm Barn

This is literally the most colorful barn I have ever seen, I bet people who love colors wo...
 Block count: 969
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Medieval Thatched Windmill

I have never seen a windmill like that but I like it. It is much bigger than the regular o...
 Block count: 1309
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