Farm Buildings


Fantasy Nordic Stable and Barn

If You have animals then how about building them a beautiful and really unique Stable and ...
 Block count: 3396
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Middle Ages Windmill

Windmill was pretty much one of the most important buildings in middle age, don't You thin...
 Block count: 699
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Middle Ages Watermill

CubicinCubic has done some terrific job on this little medieval bundle. Here's one of many...
 Block count: 1678
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Medieval Nordic Barn

Yeap, You're right. That's another nordic build that's about to fly away. Like seriously, ...
 Block count: 916
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Medieval Nordic Windmill

Looking for a windmill? And it surely needs to be in nordic style? No problem, buddy, here...
 Block count: 1126
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Medieval Nordic Watermill

Hah, WOW, this house looks like it's about to fly away. These nordic elements on top of th...
 Block count: 1652
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Medieval Nordic Ranch

That's what I'm talking about! This whole complex of buildings is something every passiona...
 Block count: 11554
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Medieval Community Tiny Barn

If You have animals and You love them like Your own family then You know that they deserve...
 Block count: 689
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Medieval Community Windmill

Now this windmill here is looking exactly like a real one I saw in the summer .... it is j...
 Block count: 1593
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Elven Town Windmill 2

WOW, that's some real effort put in there! This model looks absolutely wonderful and I gue...
 Block count: 6877
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Elven Town Windmill 1

I am loving Elven buildings lately. Can You imagine having an entire Elven town, It would ...
 Block count: 2250
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Elven Town Stable

Yeap, elven style town needs a stable as well and here's a perfect model for You. The dist...
 Block count: 1642
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Skyrim Nordic Wind Mill

Skyrim building bundle is put together by our wonderful minecrafter Niix24. Here's one lov...
 Block count: 651
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Skyrim Nordic Small Stable

Nordic horses need their alone-time, too. But what if it starts to rain and their beautifu...
 Block count: 230
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Nordic Town Windmill

Tons of windmills but finally one in nordic style, right!? What I love the most about this...
 Block count: 325
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Nordic Town Stable

A quality stable for hard working horses is something one farm owner should build as a res...
 Block count: 302
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