Farm Buildings


Detailed Medieval Stables

Now this here is a stable the horses are going to love, I am sure of that. Why? Because it...
 Block count: 1608
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Detailed Medieval Barn

Do You have livestock? Because if You have then You definitely need a house where to store...
 Block count: 1719
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Medieval European Village Windmill

Wooh, beautiful! That's exactly the kind of windmill You're missing from Your medieval col...
 Block count: 1705
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High Elven Windmill

Windmill or Watermill? If You chose windmill then welcome :D Anyway, I bet You are going t...
 Block count: 1287
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High Elven Watermill

Watermill, I have always loved watermills because I love water ... pretty obvious but that...
 Block count: 2014
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High Elven Stables

This is a stable? Are You sure? That literally looks like a castle or a fancy living house...
 Block count: 4033
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Viking Granary

Yeah, You're right. Viking granary's slightly different from a granary we know. Just sligh...
 Block count: 137
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Small Village Stable

Awww those little animals look so cute there! Hanging in their awesome new stable and chil...
 Block count: 679
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Fantasy World Windmill

Out of all these fabulous windmills in Grabcraft, this one here is what You need this time...
 Block count: 657
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Desert Village Windmill

We can not stop talking about windmills, the more we have those the better because I reall...
 Block count: 1082
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Medieval Stone Windmill

We can't get over windmills on medieval towns, can we? I mean I am pretty sure almost ever...
 Block count: 419
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Medieval World Windmill

Can You imagine owning a bakery with a windmill? So You can grind Your own flour and use i...
 Block count: 467
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Medieval World Stable

Have You ever thought about being a stable boy? I love horses, I really do, I wish I had o...
 Block count: 359
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Medieval Kingdom Small Windmill

This is cute! This is really cute, especially the light colors and the huge sails. The roo...
 Block count: 311
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Medieval Kingdom Small Watermill

Wanted a small watermill? That's the smallest You may get! Even though this model's tiny a...
 Block count: 1168
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Medieval Colonial Windmill and Water Wheel

I am totally a water person and seeing buildings like this here is making me so happy. Jus...
 Block count: 2123
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