Farm Buildings


Medieval Barn/Stables

Wow, that's definitely something out of box! It's a medieval barn/stables to complete the ...
 Block count: 1585
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Medieval Cow Farm

You've probably got a stable for horses and a barn for little piggies but heeey, what abou...
 Block count: 583
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Small Farmhouse

What a lovely little farmhouse! Everything in this house is set up to make it easier for Y...
 Block count: 489
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Dwarf Style Farmhouse 2

Those dwarf style houses are really taking over the Minecraft. I mean, look at this house-...
 Block count: 780
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Dwarf Style Farmhouse

Dwarf style rocks. Dwarf style is freaking awesome! Aaaand another example of it is right ...
 Block count: 645
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Medieval Farm 2

Woooh, a whole complex of different farm buildings! Thank goodness You don't need other bl...
 Block count: 7163
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Medieval Storage Warehouse

I find this build a bit confusing at first sight... Like what are all the constructions fo...
 Block count: 1216
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Medieval Stable

Acer needs a home, Aida needs a home, Lady Estella is without a home and... wait, they all...
 Block count: 1153
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Medieval Farm

Minecraft with animals and make them a proper medieval farm! What I like about this farm i...
 Block count: 2390
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Wooden Stable

New Minecraft animals and all the former ones need a warm place to sleep and do their anim...
 Block count: 1841
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Horse Stable

Must love all the Minecraft animals! This time we're about to show our endless love to tho...
 Block count: 751
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Farm Building

If You want to build a whole complex of farm buildings then You've come to the very right ...
 Block count: 2139
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Rabbit Pens

I love rabbits, they are just so cute and fluffy and always making me feel a little better...
 Block count: 198
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Sandstone Stable

A stable made of sandstone... say what? It really sounds goofy, but after looking at the c...
 Block count: 2637
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Small Windmill

Look at this cute little windmill, isn't this just adorable... If You are a farm owner the...
 Block count: 222
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Stables in a Barn

If You are a farm person then You are in the right place. This here is a perfect barn for ...
 Block count: 3043
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