Farm Buildings


Unfurnished Medieval Granary

Need a place where to keep Your crop? No problem, here's an empty granary for this occasio...
 Block count: 601
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Glass House Wheat Farm

Not only You can build a glass house vegetable farm but a glass house wheat farm as well i...
 Block count: 6441
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Glass House Vegetables Farm

Ever dreamed about a tremendous vegetable farm? Minecraft makes even Your most unusual wis...
 Block count: 6378
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Medieval Granary

This model's far away from any simple medieval granary. It's time to let go the thoughts o...
 Block count: 1548
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Medieval Horse Stable

Do You love horses? I even know one horse myself. Riding a horse ... one thing everyone ne...
 Block count: 1734
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This here is a serious farm complex. There is a house, barn and a third house ... is that ...
 Block count: 1824
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Gothic Barn

If all the farm buildings You've done so far are in medieval style then it's the very righ...
 Block count: 1268
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Barn (Graywatch)

If the medieval style is too mainstream for You or You're just looking for some regular bu...
 Block count: 937
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Mediterranean Wine Store

Well let me present You the wine store at its finest. I mean they are literally doing thei...
 Block count: 21123
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Big Barn

You've probably noticed that there are several different blueprints for barns in Grabcraft...
 Block count: 4350
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Barn House

That's a big one. Gigantic I would say. That barn's so huge that it would fit the whole co...
 Block count: 5113
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Horse Stable 1

Wouldn't that be just adorable if Minecraft horses had a place to hang out together and ta...
 Block count: 2432
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Medieval Woodmill

Now this Woodmill is looking awesome. Look how detailed and cute it looks, I bet the perso...
 Block count: 7413
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Viking Stables

Go big or go home, right? Hah, You probably think that this model is a big bite but guess ...
 Block count: 3093
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Medieval Windmill 1

Meet a lovely little windmill from the Middle Ages! It's quite an easy piece to minecraft ...
 Block count: 1037
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Horse Stable 2

If I were a horse and had stable like this... my life would be brilliant, haha! It's so fa...
 Block count: 1468
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