Farm Buildings


Acacia Windmill

Windmill bundle in Mejis style has something surprisingly awesome for us. An Acacia windmi...
 Block count: 1421
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Huge Wooden Windmill

Windmills are the only reason I like wind, I mean wind can be such a mood ruiner but When ...
 Block count: 2534
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Old Medieval Windmill

This windmill really does look old... It definitely seems like it has been there for maaan...
 Block count: 874
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Medieval Detailed Stable Barn

If You already have a fancy home and want to build a barn too then well the barn has to b...
 Block count: 3017
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Middle Ages Huge Windmill

'Huge' wind needs huge windmill. Cuz a small one couldn't handle all this energy, simple a...
 Block count: 3761
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Huge Unfurnished Medieval Windmill

Wow, that's something to live (read: minecraft) for, guys! Look at this awesome windmill- ...
 Block count: 1851
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Village Small Farm

If You want to have a farm but a small one, and maybe even a fancier one then how about th...
 Block count: 724
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Magic Nordic Windmill Farm

Well if You'd love to have a farm with a little extra then this windmill farm looks pretty...
 Block count: 3604
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Magic Nordic Stables

If You are an animal lover and You have or want to have horses then isn't this stable here...
 Block count: 3387
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Feudal Age Windmill

I never thought Windmills can be so detailed and well, different. I seriously love the col...
 Block count: 524
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Magic Nordic Barn

Okay, is it me or this barn here looks amazing! Have You ever seen a barn that gorgeous? I...
 Block count: 3464
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Feudal Age Stable

These horses must be having the time of their lives. I mean, this stable is rather luxurio...
 Block count: 781
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Dark Age Farm

I am a pretty dark person, so does this dark age Farm suit for me the best? I kind of like...
 Block count: 212
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Fantasy Elven Greenhouse

Even though the notorious elven town is full of flowers and green anyways, You can create ...
 Block count: 2673
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Fantasy Elven Farmhouse

Welcome to a fairy-tale, buddy! Dr_Bond has managed to come up with an absolutely genius c...
 Block count: 7097
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Fantasy Nordic Windmill

A loooot of windmills in Grabcraft but non of them looks as fine as this. Fantasy Nordic W...
 Block count: 13853
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