Farm Buildings


Medieval Kingdom Windmill

How is Your relationship with windmills? To be honest I am afraid of wind (when it is stor...
 Block count: 1559
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Medieval Kingdom Wheat Farm

If You love pasta and sweet bread then I bet You also love wheat because without wheat the...
 Block count: 1260
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Medieval Kingdom Stable

Well these horses here have a great life I am sure of that. The stable looks so happy and ...
 Block count: 1213
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Medieval Kingdom Reed Farm

I love Farms, I really do because they are so different from other modern buildings and th...
 Block count: 1066
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Medieval Kingdom Granary

Yeah, I feel Your problem. You're looking for a proper place where to store all the thresh...
 Block count: 757
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Medieval Kingdom Dairy Farm

Dairy farm includes a lot of cows, right? Or goats, actually there are plenty of animals w...
 Block count: 1003
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Medieval Kingdom Apple Farm

I just ran out of apples and let me tell You something, I love apples. Have You ever tried...
 Block count: 4170
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Medieval Grain Silo

A great way to store grain is to use silo in my opinion. Just look how cute it looks, like...
 Block count: 415
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Medieval Barn and Stable

Barn and stable ... two in one. I love houses like that because they are so convenient, ri...
 Block count: 616
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Detailed Medieval Small Stable

This here is such a cute stable, don't You think so? If You have one or two horses and You...
 Block count: 483
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Detailed Medieval Windmill

I have always had deep regards towards windmills. Who gives us flour? Who makes our lands ...
 Block count: 2584
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Nordic Windmill House

If Your life calling is to work in a windmill and make delicious flour while enjoying the ...
 Block count: 1034
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Medieval Windmill House 2

A windmill and a house in one. I love it, it is such a great idea, can You imagine smellin...
 Block count: 364
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Medieval Windmill Farm House

What do You think of farm houses? I know I love them but my friend is such a town person. ...
 Block count: 1055
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Small Horse Stable

Specially made house for horses is here, if You asked for it You got it. So, what do You t...
 Block count: 307
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Medieval Watermill Farm House

House and watermill in the same house - two in one, pretty convenient, right? You could o...
 Block count: 780
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