Farm Buildings


Western Stable

Well ... I haven't seen a stable like that before but I love it, it's so convenient and I ...
 Block count: 588
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Medieval Village Stables

Do You need any stables? Cause if You do then You are in the right place, just look at thi...
 Block count: 946
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Medieval Village Windmill

You can find loads of medieval windmills from Grabcraft but this one's my all time favouri...
 Block count: 958
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Medieval Village Storage House

I don't know. Are they gonna blow something up or why do they need to store such an amount...
 Block count: 1026
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Medieval Village Farm

Farms, I remember when I was little I wanted to work in there, be close to the animals and...
 Block count: 2224
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Water Reservoir

If You are growing something that needs a lot of water then here is a water reservoir for ...
 Block count: 715
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Rustic Town Barn

Now this is one colorful barn - yellow, grey, brown, green, purple. I like the design of t...
 Block count: 965
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Nordic Barn

This barn looks better then my living house ... but I love it, animals need gorgeous house...
 Block count: 1211
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Nordic Windmill

Building a viking town sounds awesome, right? And so is minecrafting a nordic windmill! He...
 Block count: 1098
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Roman Barn Stable

Looks like we've got a 2 in 1 model here. Double the fun! Roman style barn slash stable is...
 Block count: 743
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Medieval Settlement Stable

It's a pretty small stable I would say. Only like two horses or piggies or cows could find...
 Block count: 160
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Medieval Settlement Barn

Back in the Middle Ages, animals had a big big role to play in people's lives. They were r...
 Block count: 896
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Atypic Medieval Windmill

Atypical for a medieval style? No question in that! This windmill is definitely an out of ...
 Block count: 1017
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Fantasy Village Windmill

How awesome! Even a windmill can be turned to a fantastic creature! So that explains why t...
 Block count: 766
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Fantasy Village Granary

If life gives You a chance to build a fantasy village then do it! And never look back! I c...
 Block count: 687
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Unfurnished Medieval Windmill

Can You imagine that I crawled into a real windmill last summer? It was pretty cool to be ...
 Block count: 1277
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