Farm Buildings


Medieval Kingdom Watermill

Well, I did not know that Medieval Kingdom has such a pretty watermills to be happy about....
 Block count: 3298
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Medieval Colonial Large Windmill

Oh, I love the way how all the colors compliment each other. If this windmill could actual...
 Block count: 966
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Medieval Colonial Barn

I just love barns, not just because there are animals inside but because barns are so big ...
 Block count: 1810
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Fantasy Small Windmill

Not sure if I have ever seen a windmill that small. Have You? But seems like it can do it'...
 Block count: 1063
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Fantasy Horse Stable

Even horses get their own space in this fantasy world. That's just adorable! As a matter o...
 Block count: 2009
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Medieval Windmill Watermill

Windmill watermill... sooo like a 2 in 1 object? Sounds great! As You see from the picture...
 Block count: 1718
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Small Medieval Stable

Do You see what I see? There are already horses in this stable here and a cute ones, don't...
 Block count: 431
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Medieval Windmill House

I think my grandma would love to live in a windmill house, or maybe bakers too? I mean wha...
 Block count: 1729
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Huge Medieval Stable

Have You ever thought about being a stable boy? I know I have, because why not, right? I m...
 Block count: 2675
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Wasteland Village Windmill

I love watching windmill in action, like when the sails are moving and flour is made plus ...
 Block count: 1384
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Wasteland Village Granary

I am really impressed right now, I did not wait for a granary to be this fancy like this o...
 Block count: 423
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Medieval Detailed Windmill

Need a kick start to Your small village? Try this model right here. A detailed medieval st...
 Block count: 1631
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Medieval Detailed Stable

Live Your life happily and surround Yourself with pretty things like detailed stables when...
 Block count: 949
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Medieval Detailed Granary

Thing are getting prettier by the day, I mean my grannys granary is literally four walls a...
 Block count: 520
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Greenhouse Pot Farm

Hey, this is pretty interesting place. And since I really like green color then to me it l...
 Block count: 4803
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Jungle Barn

I am really surprised that even animals are moving to the Jungle with us now and this barn...
 Block count: 1003
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