Farm Buildings


Dystopian Village Farm

Thought that dystopian village is only meant for negative feelings? Well, in Minecraft You...
 Block count: 302
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Fantasy Village Wheat Farm

The more cool models You have in Your fantasy style village, the better the whole thing wo...
 Block count: 434
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Fantasy Watermill

I have always had a thing for watermills because they are just so relaxing and sweet for m...
 Block count: 1851
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Old Hilltop Windmill

Windmill, a perfect building if You'd like to build a bakery, just grind flour or You like...
 Block count: 2286
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Medieval Borough Windmill

This Medieval windmill here has one thing that really surprised me - a bed. I mean it is a...
 Block count: 1117
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Medieval Borough Stable

Stable, a house for horses! What a great name it is. Anyway this Medieval stable here is r...
 Block count: 927
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Medieval Fantasy Windmill 2

Get Your little minecrafting hands ready cuz it's about to go crazy right here! This medie...
 Block count: 11839
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Medieval Fantasy Windmill 1

Oooh, wait what!? That model definitely crosses all Your expectations on a medieval fantas...
 Block count: 12062
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Medieval Fantasy Storehouse

Okay ... I seriosuly thought a storehouse would be a really simple building but that here ...
 Block count: 14917
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Fantasy Dwarven Stable

Thinking of adding some cute animals to Your dwarven style village? First, get a proper st...
 Block count: 1413
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Unfurnished Medieval Watermill

A machine for grinding flour is here, but this one here is a beautiful and so relaxing one...
 Block count: 3648
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Medieval Tower Mill

So this here is a tower and a mill, it is such a good cover, don't You think so? Nobody wo...
 Block count: 856
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Tall Medieval Windmill

Holy... Hold Your horses, dear minecrafters, here comes a real beast! Yeah, we can call th...
 Block count: 2025
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Small Medieval Horse Stable

This is adorable, can You imagine a horse living in that small stable here? It would be so...
 Block count: 510
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Medieval Stable and Barn

Stable and barn - two in one. I usually don't go for two in one products but this building...
 Block count: 1926
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Medieval Melon Barn

How do You call a place that's packed with melons? Heaven on earth perhaps? Yeah, or with ...
 Block count: 1220
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