Farm Buildings


Azores Immovable Windmill

Now this is one colorful Windmill. It is more than perfect for all the people who love col...
 Block count: 453
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West Portugal Windmill

So, how about building Yourself a pretty little windmill and starting Your own flour line?...
 Block count: 320
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Rotatory Azores Windmill 1

A minimalistic, yet life-sized windmill complete with blades and a staircase. A perfect ad...
 Block count: 355
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Rotatory Azores Windmill 3

This is such an unique windmill, right? Just look at those bright colors and very modern d...
 Block count: 366
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Rotatory Azores Windmill 2

How about building a gorgeous red windmill? It sure is unique and very interesting one, ri...
 Block count: 355
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Western Town Stable

Oh wow this stable is looking so cool. It is rather roomy actually and very well built too...
 Block count: 822
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Reinhart Windmill

I wonder if this is the most detailed windmill I have seen or not ... because it looks lik...
 Block count: 2887
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Adacia Greenhouse

Woah ... this place looks like a royal garden! It is so beautiful, colorful, huge and uniq...
 Block count: 991
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Unfurnished Medieval Windmill 2

Woah ... this is a windmill? It looks so unique and cool. I wonder if it can work as hard ...
 Block count: 682
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Unfurnished Fantasy Windmill 2

Fantasy windmill ... now this could be very interesting. Fantasy houses are known to be am...
 Block count: 1127
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Unfurnished Fantasy Windmill

Woah, this windmill here is so detailed and just look at these colors here! The orange and...
 Block count: 2384
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Village Water Wheel

Awww, how can a village house look that cute? And that little tree next to it too!! Plus t...
 Block count: 549
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Village Brick Windmill

Now this here is a true windmill! It looks amazing, just perfect for a cute little village...
 Block count: 2246
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Medieval Windmill and Storage

This is such a cute windmill to own really if You don't need those huge ones that take a l...
 Block count: 803
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Old Rural Windmill

Windmills are just the cutest things to own in Your yard or in a village, what do You thin...
 Block count: 635
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Medieval Stables

Well if You are going to build this stable here then You must have a lot of horses because...
 Block count: 1060
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