Farm Buildings


Ragnar's Medieval Windmill

This windmill here looks rather easy to build, don't You think so? It looks so simple and ...
 Block count: 503
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Unfurnished Windmill House

Woah, is it me or the sails are ... well a little bit curvy and all. So cool if You ask me...
 Block count: 882
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Small Old Watermill

Well, if You have ever in one point in Your life thought about living in a watermill, or a...
 Block count: 407
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Farm Barn

This one looks like it has just jumped out of a cartoon or something. All these colors and...
 Block count: 1217
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Odd Medieval Unfurnished Windmill

Believe me if I say I have seen all kind of windmills but this .. this here is something d...
 Block count: 3013
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Detailed Medieval Horse Stable

Since when do horses have more beautiful houses than I do? I need to learn how to build be...
 Block count: 1312
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Detailed Fantasy Windmill

Woah, that sure is one detailed windmill. I am not even sure where is the entrance ... all...
 Block count: 5629
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Creeper Pig Farm

This pig farm here might be the cutest farm I have ever seen in my whole life. I mean thos...
 Block count: 2478
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Mediterranean Medieval Stable

If You are living away from the city then raising animals is a good idea, right? Can You i...
 Block count: 752
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Mediterranean Medieval Granary

I have seen a lot of granaries in my life and I even own one but I have never seen one des...
 Block count: 109
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Mediterranean Medieval Chicken Pen

Something so simple and usual but hey, that chicken pen looks pretty fun! I bet all Your a...
 Block count: 215
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Medieval Gothic Windmill

Do You know why I love windmills? It is because of their sales or vanes, however You call ...
 Block count: 1723
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Medieval Gothic Stable

This here is a stable? It seriously looks like a Medieval house, right? But it is rather c...
 Block count: 622
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Small Chicken Coop

No farm is fully completed until it doesn't have a cute little chicken coop there. Here's ...
 Block count: 266
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Fantasy Village Unfurnished Windmill

Do You already have a windmill in Your village? Because well aren't they beautiful? Plus Y...
 Block count: 1282
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Fantasy Village Stables

Do You have a farm in Minecraft, or animals because if You do then I am pretty sure a stab...
 Block count: 1447
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