Asian Water Wheel 3

Okay, well this water wheel here is really pretty. Those dark brown colors make it so maje...
 Block count: 724
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Asian Water Wheel 2

Just a simple Asian style water wheel waiting to meet water. Can You help it out there? If...
 Block count: 395
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Asian Water Wheel 1

Another great design element to add some special character to Your Asian style bundle. Bes...
 Block count: 1371
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Asian Giant Water Wheel

If all of the previous water wheels are too small for You then this here should be just pe...
 Block count: 4032
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Oriental Temple

Have You ever been inside of a temple? I mean a real temple that smells like incenses cand...
 Block count: 3537
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Oriental Building Pagoda

Oooh, that looks like a real thing! Sooo close! It's perfectly in a form of many-tired tow...
 Block count: 3036
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Asian Stone Pagoda 6

WOW! That thing is HUGE! Did You know that pagodas are Hindu or Buddhist temples, typicall...
 Block count: 2939
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Red Corporation Factory

Take a short break from filling Your collection with small medieval builds. Adjust Your fo...
 Block count: 3433
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Medieval Fantasy Huge Forge

They are not kidding when they say it is a huge forge. Just look at that mansion here! So ...
 Block count: 18557
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Medieval Market Stall 2

Well You can't sell all of this precious stuff when it's raining. Be smart and get Yoursel...
 Block count: 75
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Medieval Market Stall 1

Seems like You're ready to get this business started but the only thing missing is this lo...
 Block count: 207
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Medieval Kingdom Mine

Precious mineral resources cannot be left unnoticed. They're valuable and often very magic...
 Block count: 3214
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Medieval Kingdom Market

I haven't visited a market for such a long time and this market here really makes me miss ...
 Block count: 1922
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Feudal Japanese Torii Gates

Did You know there is a whole long story behind a Torii gate and it is not so easily built...
 Block count: 1280
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Victorian Town Building 7

So, what do You think of Victorian buildings? I hope they are not too fancy or big for You...
 Block count: 3780
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Victorian Town Building 6

Town building for town people is here! Yeah, it is actually for everybody but still. Doesn...
 Block count: 1800
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