Age Of Empires Asian Wonder

Wow, this building is awesome. Outside it looks like a regular Asian style house, but when...
 Block count: 5913
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Age Of Empires Asian Dock

I have always wanted to own a dock where I could even live if necessary. Imagine waking up...
 Block count: 2891
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Age Of Empires Asian University

I am terrified of university, I mean it is no place for just having fun It is a place wher...
 Block count: 4047
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Age Of Empires Asian Market

Who doesn't like visiting cute markets at the summer, when the sky is blue and birds are s...
 Block count: 2872
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Asian Market

Going to Asian market is one of my bucket list activities, just because You can find so ma...
 Block count: 2430
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Medieval Lighthouse

Lighthouse at its best, don't You think so? It is so tall and there is even a flag on top ...
 Block count: 2631
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Medieval Emerald Mine

Well this Mine here looks pretty cool. To be honest our mines here do not look half of tha...
 Block count: 6497
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Hobbit Gallow

Gosh... not again... another scary gallow model in Grabcraft to show us what they had back...
 Block count: 93
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Bow Shooting Range

Bow shooting can be both- a fun game to play with Your friends or a serious job while tryi...
 Block count: 963
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Elven Town Sawmill

So Your town needs a sawmill? You are in the right place, this fancy sawmill here looks be...
 Block count: 2546
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Long Town Hall

I have never been inside our Town hall but I feel like I've missed out a lot if it looks l...
 Block count: 4948
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Western Water Tower

Let me introduce You to a water tower in western style. It is dark brown and tbh it looks ...
 Block count: 715
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Nordic Town Center

Grabcraft never runs out of awesome blueprints. Here's another cool build that would fit a...
 Block count: 158
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Roman City Temple

I'd really love to visit some temples, but unfortunately I have only seen them at the movi...
 Block count: 2652
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Roman Aquaduct

To be honest I haven't seen many Aquaduckts before, why don't people build more of these?...
 Block count: 320
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Roman Shrine

If You already have a Roman city or even if You don't then You might need a little shrine,...
 Block count: 461
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