Random Military Stuff

The thing with random military stuff always is that You may NEVER know when or where or wh...
 Block count: 311
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Military Base Fence Wall

You may have the most awesome military base ever built but if You don't have a fence prote...
 Block count: 36
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Random Military Stuff 2

Random military stuff truly is random BUT maybe You'll find it necessary one day. This mod...
 Block count: 51
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Military Base Wall

Every military base needs a protective wall to surround the area. If You're lacking ideas ...
 Block count: 237
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Flag Post

It's time to give Your military base a final update. What do You think about adding a nice...
 Block count: 137
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Harbour Fish Market Stall

Good that we can't smell anything in Minecraft. Otherwise we maybe wouldn't think about bu...
 Block count: 407
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Tree Of Mages

Project Kanos strikes again. This time with something even more fascinating. Let me introd...
 Block count: 12385
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Flower Market Stall

Do You love flowers? I bet You do ... all the colors and the different smells. If I look a...
 Block count: 253
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Book Market Stall

Book markets are the best, especially when You can just sit down relax breath in the fresh...
 Block count: 340
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Fantasy Lighthouse

Fantasy houses are the best, but I feel like lighthouses are slowly taking over their plac...
 Block count: 1655
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Signal Fire Beacon

A cute little beacon on the shore or on top of the mountain can add a lot to Your collecti...
 Block count: 98
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Corsair Sawmill

There's something so unbelievably magical about little villages. I mean those in medieval ...
 Block count: 1118
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Ancient Lighthouse

I wanted to live in a lighthouse once ... but that's not important. Look how cool this anc...
 Block count: 713
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Ancient Pyramid

Ancient town can never have too many ancient buildings. Never. This model right here is ju...
 Block count: 1455
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Small Modern Police Station with Helipad

I really hope You don't need a police station, because crooks do no good to Your Minecraft...
 Block count: 10749
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Large Multipurpose Modern Building 2

I love white houses ... so clean so beautiful. Just look at this building here, the design...
 Block count: 15813
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