Tatooine Cantina

Looking for something completely out of box? Welcome, buddy! This Tatooine style cantina i...
 Block count: 14416
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Fair Tent 2

I have to be honest here ... fair tents can be amazing and they can be boring like a lectr...
 Block count: 292
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Fair Tent 1

Tents!! I love tents, especially in the summer when it is all warm and cozy outside. Can Y...
 Block count: 714
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Sandstone Desert Town Hall

WOW! What if You had such masterpiece in Your desert as well!? Pretty cool idea, huh! A to...
 Block count: 1263
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Creeper Spawn

Yeah, I get why this is called a Creeper spawn ... But woah, the interior is amazing!! Loo...
 Block count: 15581
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Creeper PVP Arena

Are You dreaming of making melee combats like idk sword fights? I am pretty sure this aren...
 Block count: 20171
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Steampunk Industrial Forge

Have You ever seen a forge that detailed? The grey stones look so good and all of these de...
 Block count: 11519
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Steampunk Industrial Construction Site

There is only one thing that I love more than construction sites and these are abandoned h...
 Block count: 3463
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Steampunk Depot

Well this building here is rather important if You have some things You need to storage an...
 Block count: 3266
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Industrial Quarry

Industrial quarry ... I hope You have one because how can You be without one really? Well ...
 Block count: 1929
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Steampunk Fantasy Stockroom

Am I the only one who thinks stockrooms are old small rooms hidden in the middle of the fo...
 Block count: 2797
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Steampunk Fantasy Blacksmith

It has been a while since I saw such a roomy and interesting blacksmith. I kind of love th...
 Block count: 1744
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Dystopian Administration Bureau

Now that Dystopian bureau here is amazing. Can You see how big and roomy it is? It even ha...
 Block count: 1363
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Dystopian Village School

"And the creepiest schools's award goes to.... Dystopian village!" Yeah, it could happen e...
 Block count: 742
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Dystopian Village Radio Station

A dystopia could be a rather frightening place but that's not the bottom line. It would be...
 Block count: 438
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Dystopian Village Police Station

In dystopian village crime and dangerous acts are not something new. You've to be ready fo...
 Block count: 905
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