Modern Royal Palace

I did not think that modern royal palace would look like this one here, but I'm impressed ...
 Block count: 20793
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Modern Police Station

I have a plan of becoming a cop, and not just any cop, I'll be the cool guy there who will...
 Block count: 26662
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Large Multipurpose Modern Building 1

Well ... if You have ever thought You'd like to live in a palace then here is Your change....
 Block count: 17334
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Brewery & Potions Factory

Well, that's a truly interesting build to minecraft. Creativity has no bounds and this mod...
 Block count: 3164
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Modern Botanical Garden

A modern botanical garden filled with beautiful flowers and enormous plants- that's what t...
 Block count: 6973
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Modern University Library

University needs a library and that's a fact. Luckily You don't need to spend time experim...
 Block count: 7671
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Modern Biology Laboratory

Interested in science and biology? Here's something that You're gonna love! A modern biolo...
 Block count: 1800
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Modern University Building

How much points would You give this modern university here? I know it looks much better th...
 Block count: 16798
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Modern Student Hostel

Students are on budget and everyone knows that. So what's going to happen when You need to...
 Block count: 7987
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Modern Hospital with Helipad

A modern city needs a modern hospital. And You know what a modern hospital has? A helipad!...
 Block count: 12397
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Modern Treasury Department

Wooow, what a gorgeous building! Never thought that treasuries can be so big and fancy... ...
 Block count: 8340
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Small Modern General Store

I have one question- why's there a bed in the store? For assistants to have a nap on their...
 Block count: 1364
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Small Modern Bank

Banks are life, am I right? This is where all of our money is and to be honest I'm wonderi...
 Block count: 2326
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Big Modern Library

I really hope You like books, cause they make You smarter plus if You are feeling down the...
 Block count: 3440
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Big Modern Hospital

Every modern city needs to have a functioning hospital, don't You think? This model's cert...
 Block count: 6046
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Small Modern Hospital

Do You know any people who like hospitals? Well I used to like them but now ... I've chang...
 Block count: 1822
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