Victorian Town Building 5

If You love living in the town then this Victorian house here should be pretty good idea, ...
 Block count: 2466
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Victorian Town Building 4

This is interesting building here, don't You think so? It looks very majestetic and detail...
 Block count: 2378
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Steampunk Factory

I knew steampunk factorys are big but this one here is absolutely huge. It is so detailed ...
 Block count: 9369
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Victorian Town Building 3

Have You seen "Friends" because this Victorian building really reminds me of their house, ...
 Block count: 2336
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Victorian Town Building 2

Okay, this house is pretty cool. This here is a great way how to make money tho ... just m...
 Block count: 2827
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Victorian Town Building 1

Now this house here would be sold out in just few hours in LA, I am pretty sure of that. I...
 Block count: 1359
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Big Steampunk Crane

Okay, woah! This is a crane? It is like a house that can move and lift stuff, really heavy...
 Block count: 2451
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Fantasy Town Hall

A town hall? More like a library because did You see how many books there are? I don't kno...
 Block count: 15832
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Orc Lava Pit

Holy cannoli... You've got to see this! An actual Orc lava pit is right here! And yes, You...
 Block count: 1118
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Detailed Fantasy Lighthouse

Don't You sometimes find Yourself wondering how on Earth do simple builds looks so heavenl...
 Block count: 2252
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Nordic City Wall and Tower

Great structure! Nice work, mr docteudread! He has managed to bring us a whole collection ...
 Block count: 5034
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Nordic City Wall

Like everything in nordic style, even a city wall should keep up with the nordic standards...
 Block count: 944
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Nordic City Tower

Now this is an amazing tower, it looks so spiky and strong. I especially like the roof of ...
 Block count: 1640
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Radio mast

I have one radio mast close to my house and it is seriously huge, like it seems to be movi...
 Block count: 4304
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Olympic Indoor Swim Center

Finally something for the Olympics fans'. If You'd like to watch some serious swimming tal...
 Block count: 13925
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Greenhouse Pot Farm

Hey, this is pretty interesting place. And since I really like green color then to me it l...
 Block count: 4803
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