Medieval Small Wall segment

Well, someone is in the middle of building a wall, am I right? Or just looking? Anyway thi...
 Block count: 1123
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Large Medieval Watchtower

If You are looking for a watchtower that can also be a house to live in ... for You or for...
 Block count: 1915
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Large Medieval Gatehouse

Woah, this is a gatehouse for bigger villages, bigger houses and maybe even for one castle...
 Block count: 5583
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Medieval Tall Wall segment

Yeah, building a wall is big job but if You want to do it and You are ready to do it then ...
 Block count: 1799
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Power Substation

This is where the electricity comes from ... isn't it pretty? I am really impressed of how...
 Block count: 9590
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Neolithic Stone Temple 3

What do You think of temples? To be honest I have never been to a real temple before but t...
 Block count: 1002
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Neolithic Stone Temple 2

Well now this here is a real temple! It is so symmetrical and beautiful, especially those ...
 Block count: 872
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Neolithic Stone Temple

I was just watching a travelling show and to be honest I think I saw temples like this in ...
 Block count: 1973
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Tatooine Port

Wait .... what? This here is a Tatooine port? Woah, well that is the first time I see a po...
 Block count: 14395
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Tatooine Hospital

Dude, a village or a city can not be without a hospital, right? I mean it is better to be ...
 Block count: 6113
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Old Residential Building

Old?? I do not see anything old about this residentel building here, but I know ... What d...
 Block count: 2638
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Modern Factory Building

I wonder what kind of factory this here is? There are so many huge chimneys, the building ...
 Block count: 35308
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Tatooine Building

Well I am not exactly sure what is the purpose of this building but it sure looks cool! I ...
 Block count: 7871
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Water Purification Station

You know there're all sorts of buildings and stations and all that, but did You ever think...
 Block count: 1459
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Small Modern Brewery

Woop-woop! It's time for something AWESOME! Any cool modern city collection isn't entirely...
 Block count: 1585
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Tatooine City Hall

Wow. Need a massive new build for Your Tatooine collection? Here it is- a Tatooine City Ha...
 Block count: 30017
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