Dark Kingdom Beacon

A warning signal for all of the ships, cars, people and even for enemies keeping them as f...
 Block count: 681
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Dark Kingdom Train Station

I like trains ... it is an old joke, I know but what I said is absolutely true. Trains are...
 Block count: 3736
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Dragon Kingdom Prison

This is a place You would not want to go ... a prison the middle of the Dragon Kingdom. We...
 Block count: 2284
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Dark Kingdom Small Temple

So, there are religious people in the Dark Kingdom and they all have this nice and small t...
 Block count: 815
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Dragon Kingdom Observatory

A house like this costs a lot and because it holds one of a kind astronomical telescope th...
 Block count: 6492
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Dark Kingdom Airship Docking Station

Let's get to work ... an airship needs to land and what if You do not have a proper dockin...
 Block count: 4727
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Modern Car Dealership

Okay this is the place I would like to go ... after earning some money of course. The Car ...
 Block count: 5440
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Modern Truck Dealership

A Truck Dealership ... this is something interesting to own really. I mean where else coul...
 Block count: 7827
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Modern Supermarket 2

Supermarkets are always pretty fun places to go and they are especially fun if it is a hug...
 Block count: 6349
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Modern Car Service Center

If You own a car then I am sure You have visited a car service center and if You haven't t...
 Block count: 4755
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Modern Supermarket 1

Oh man. this is the supermarket .... this supermarket here is amazing. It is huge! I wonde...
 Block count: 5539
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Truck Stop

A truck stop for all of Your beautiful trucks and their drivers who need a rest for few ho...
 Block count: 7719
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Modern Police Station 2

A Modern Police station ... we need more of these around really, especially if some people...
 Block count: 17004
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Modern Supermarket 3

What would we do without supermarkets? I mean in these days supermarkets are the place for...
 Block count: 6095
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Industrial Steampunk Foundry

Are You looking for a really beautiful and interesting factory for casting metal? Because ...
 Block count: 12314
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Oriental Steampunk Clock Tower

Wow, this clock tower here is very unique and so beautiful! I was about to say that every ...
 Block count: 6139
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