Dystopian Nuclear Power Station

Well if You need energy, a lot of energy then a nuclear power station is the way to go. Th...
 Block count: 2702
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Dystopian Village Incinerator

Well this here is a building that I have never been to before and to be honest I hope I do...
 Block count: 732
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Sky Ship Repair Bay

Damaged ships need to be repaired but that's really not possible without a proper repair b...
 Block count: 10759
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Sky Barracks

Remember how Ed Sheeran sang: "I'm in love with the shape of You...". Well the shape of th...
 Block count: 2804
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Sky Tower

Tower in the sky ... I think I have seen it all now. But seriously, I can already imaging ...
 Block count: 4195
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Sky Department Store

When we are having Sky bars and houses then we also need a sky store, am I right? So this ...
 Block count: 5428
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French Riviera Flower Shop Facade

Oh boy... That must be the most beautiful flower shop You may've ever seen. And I'm not on...
 Block count: 2418
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French Riviera Building Facade

Oh my Gosh... Am I dreaming or is a piece of French Riviera really right here in Minecraft...
 Block count: 3419
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French Riviera Boutique Facade 2

If You are ready to see one of the most detailed, beautiful and coolest Facade ever then ....
 Block count: 11001
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French Riviera Boutique Facade 1

Wanna see something fancy? Take a look at these pics and Your daily dose of 'fancy' has re...
 Block count: 7632
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Padded Asylum Cell

Now that here is a serious cell. From the outside it looks ... well, pretty but from the i...
 Block count: 97
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Oriental Fantasy Temple 2

Well this temple here is something amazing. Have You ever seen something like that? This i...
 Block count: 4533
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Oriental Fantasy Temple 1

Ooh boooy! Finally! I'm sure You've been waiting and searching for a temple like that for ...
 Block count: 4266
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Old Chinese Pavilion

Well this pavilion here is a big one, it is so beautiful and for some reason a very calm l...
 Block count: 2085
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Chinese Monastery

So, Monastery is a fancy word for a temple, right? Well this Monastery here is a really cu...
 Block count: 848
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Asian Pagoda Temple

We were just talking about Pagodas in school. One thing for sure, everyone loves them ... ...
 Block count: 7700
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