Simple Medieval House 3

Simple? Doesn't seem so simple to me, haha! The way the roof is designed is just sooo fun....
 Block count: 824
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Medieval Winter House 1

Well ... this house here is absolutely amazing. Look how detailed and beautiful it is. The...
 Block count: 1991
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Highland Dwarf Scout Tower

An actual Highland Dwarf Scout Tower? Are You for reaaaaal? Seems like it's no joke and Yo...
 Block count: 1179
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Wizard Tower

How exciting! Like staring at a model that has jumped out of a Disney's movie! I wonder if...
 Block count: 1401
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Witch Hut

If You can and want to do a little magic ... black magic. You do need a place to do it wit...
 Block count: 1342
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Small Medieval House 7

Doesn't this house look amazing? I love the stone walls and it is so detailed. There are f...
 Block count: 1377
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Old England Corner House

Oh, I love old England houses. Especially the corner ones. Isn't it a good idea to build h...
 Block count: 1406
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Medieval Windmill 1

Meet a lovely little windmill from the Middle Ages! It's quite an easy piece to minecraft ...
 Block count: 1037
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Large Medieval Library

That looks like some famous university's library where all the world's best books are hidd...
 Block count: 3516
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Jungle Tree House

Gosh, that's a really big tree house to be honest! It's not just a hiding place but a real...
 Block count: 2475
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Suburban House 4

In my opinion this is the perfect lake house! It's like straight from Hollywood movies. If...
 Block count: 1871
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Wooden House on Stilts

This wooden house here looks pretty cute. I really like the design and the fact that it is...
 Block count: 1178
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Wooden House 23

That wooden house looks seriously royal and different from other houses I have seen. Look ...
 Block count: 2896
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Wooden house 22

This is the house I'd like to live in. It is easy and beautiful. The interior is seriously...
 Block count: 1041
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Two-Storey Medieval Inn

Now this medieval inn is seriously fancy, just look how detailed and beautiful it is. If Y...
 Block count: 3793
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Small Medieval Victorian House

Doesn't this Victorian house look artistic? Look at the shape of this house - the roof is ...
 Block count: 1349
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