Small Medieval Town House

Wooop! Looks like the medieval buildings have taken the business to the next level because...
 Block count: 1386
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Rustic Modern House

This is the best idea I have seen all day - Rustic modern house. It is rustic AND modern a...
 Block count: 1158
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Medieval Trading Place

Money, money, money, where are You at? Medieval trading place is one of the main areas whe...
 Block count: 674
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Medieval Survival Mansion

Now this is what I call a mansion. Look how beautiful and Huge it is. How many rooms could...
 Block count: 3060
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Medieval Port

The author of this building has done a fantastic job! The medieval port reminds an actual ...
 Block count: 1381
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Medieval Middle Class House 16

You're on the mission and there's no chance of looking back- You've got to finish this sup...
 Block count: 604
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Medieval Middle Class House 15

Here is a medieval middle class house for You guys. I really like the roof of this house,...
 Block count: 1608
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Medieval Fish Shop

I love eating fish, or having one as a quiet pet. This here is a medieval fish shop, You c...
 Block count: 922
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Evil Base

I wonder what kind of creature could live in there... This castle truly has an evil look a...
 Block count: 12329
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Hobbit Style Windmill

Don't You never ever dare to settle with anything but extraordinary in Minecraft! You may ...
 Block count: 323
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Medieval Middle Class House 9

A house with just the right amount of luxury is what You're looking at right now. Among th...
 Block count: 1050
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Medieval Middle Class House 10

This middle class house here looks pretty fancy to be honest. The rooms are in different l...
 Block count: 1060
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Medieval House with a Boat Dock

This house is seriously cool, just look at the roof ... I'm not sure if I can call it a ro...
 Block count: 1737
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Medieval Family House with a Basement

Found that Your medieval town is full of medieval and low class houses but none of them ha...
 Block count: 883
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Medieval Dock on Stilts

If You need a dock then welcome .. this one here is a medieval dock on stilts. So if You l...
 Block count: 492
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Medieval Tailor Shop

Do Tailors earn a lot of money? Because this shop here is looking beautiful. There is ev...
 Block count: 1446
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